Birthdays. Graduations. Sports Video. Training Videos. Anniversaries. Remembrances. Tributes & more!
You name it, we can film it! Our rates are generally $350 for the first hour, which includes full editing and delivery of the video in any format you'd like (as well as streaming highlights on our website or yours) and $50 to $200 per hour after that (depending on the compleixity of the filming or editing, amount of videographers, etc). If you're looking for primarily real time footage with one camera, you'll be on the $50 end. When you need multiple cameras, videographers or have a complex editing vision, it can go up to $200 per hour after the initial hour of coverage. Whatever the case may be, contact Matt for a custom quote for your needs!

Additional Services/Expenses

Digital Photography Add-On: $300 for any event length under 6 hours!

Travel/Fuel Fee: $40 outside of the Baltimore Metro Area.

Hotel Fee: $140 for events over 2 hours outside of the Baltimore Metro Area.




General/Event Videography